Daily Debutants

Runners are sorted by their sire. Click on the dam name for sale details for her progeny or herself. Click on the race number and/or class for full form at Racenet. Only sales where the horse entered the ring are listed, if there is no sale price then it was passed in. Raceday comments are courtesy of Racenet.
Shehroz(3g Al Maher x Queen of Roses)Colac  r2 Maiden 7.00
All Too Free(3f All Too Hard x Mambo in Freeport)Kembla  r4 Maiden 15.00
 MM National
Rebecca(4m Angelo Minny x Society Waters)Cranbourne  r3 Maiden 35.00
Picasso Bay(3f Blackfriars x Giverny)Ascot  r2 Open 6.50
 MM Perth $20,000
Stephanie(6m Castledale x Monkey Magic)Ascot Park  r3 Maiden 34.00
 First start. 6yo Castledale mare not seen at the trials. Seems safe to leave out.
Ollivander(2c Charge Forward x Ebony Wand)Caulfield  r1 Open 8.50
 Inglis Classic $70,000
 MM National Weanling Select Session $20,000
The Art of the Bar(2f Charge Forward x Personification)Doomben  r4 Open 4.20
 MM Gold Coast $150,000
Sir Jester(2c Choisir x Canicula)Randwick  r4 Open 14.00
 Inglis Premier $80,000
Pleated Miss(2f Choisir x Pleats)Randwick  r4 Open 31.00
 Inglis Premier $70,000
Apache Gal(4m Court Command x Hollie's Kingdom)Gosford  r2 Maiden
Big Data(2c Dalghar x Svita)Kembla  r1 Maiden 17.00
 NZB Premier $125,000
Dreaming of Biscay(2f Dream Ahead x Chirurgo Dame)Kembla  r1 Maiden 5.50
 MM Gold Coast $30,000
Elvish Princess(3f Elvstroem x Queen Falvelon)Cranbourne  r3 Maiden 26.00
Laser(2c Exceed And Excel x Astrophysical Jet)Kembla  r1 Maiden 4.80
Singapore Fling(3g Excites x Raffles Class)Toowoomba  r4 Maiden 10.00
Mister Spinks(3g Falvelon x Saint Fran)Toowoomba  r4 Maiden 18.00
Avasa(4m Falvelon x Latch Key Kid)Toowoomba  r6 Maiden 9.00
Ennis Hill(2f Fastnet Rock x Hips Don't Lie)Caulfield  r1 Open 3.40
Royal Warfare(2c Fastnet Rock x No Evidence Needed)Kembla  r1 Maiden 5.50
 MM Gold Coast $340,000
Amorita(2f Foxwedge x Royal Pageant)Doomben  r4 Open 13.00
 MM Gold Coast $45,000
California Fox(3g Foxwedge x Casta Laetitia)Kembla  r4 Maiden 8.00
 Inglis Australian Easter $80,000
Little John(3c Golden Archer x Conquered)Toowoomba  r4 Maiden 2.70
 MM Gold Coast 2YOs In Training $50,000
Thelliema(3f Hard Spun x Moon Game)Toowoomba  r6 Maiden 9.50
 MM Gold Coast Book 2
The Mailman(2c Hinchinbrook x Margaret Miss)Caulfield  r1 Open 41.00
 NZB Premier $140,000
 Inglis Great Southern Weanling Platinum Session $70,000
Snicki Minaj(2f Hinchinbrook x Mezmar)Doomben  r4 Open 6.50
 Inglis Classic $25,000
Acton Shale(2g Hinchinbrook x Loulou)Kembla  r1 Maiden 35.00
 MM Gold Coast $150,000
 Inglis Australian Weanling Platinum Session $62,000
Equinox(4g Host x Fairbairn Lady)Cranbourne  r2 Maiden 20.00
Advancing(2c I Am Invincible x You're Discreet)Caulfield  r1 Open 8.50
 MM Gold Coast $350,000
The Frontier(2c I Am Invincible x Thirty Rock)Caulfield  r1 Open 12.00
 MM Gold Coast $275,000
The Real Boss(3c Jet Spur x Spirit of Denmark)Toowoomba  r4 Maiden 2.30
Eroe(3g Kaphero x Wingasinga)Cranbourne  r3 Maiden 16.00
Eridani(2f Makfi x Gould)Te Rapa  r2 Open 18.00
 First start. Makfi filly who's looked handy in 2 trials. Watch.
 NZB Select $85,000
Vena Schnitzel(2f My Atacanta x Vena Amori)Ascot  r1 Open 31.00
Generous Charlie(2g Myboycharlie x Annabels)Ascot  r1 Open 4.80
 Inglis Classic $70,000
Drexler(3c Niagara x Not a Dancer)Colac  r2 Maiden 5.00
 NZB Ready To Run of 2YOs
Carol's Cheval(3f Nom Du Jeu x Mrs. Guilty)Ascot Park  r3 Maiden 27.00
 First start. Nom De Jeu filly not seen at the trials. Market only guide.
Locktoba Rocks(3f O'lonhro x Bent Zena)Colac  r1 Maiden 34.00
O'lonrose Way(3f O'lonhro x Make Way)Colac  r1 Maiden 41.00
Arnie's Boy(2g Patronize x Let's Get Even)Ascot  r1 Open 41.00
 MM Perth $25,000
Seeking Alpha(3f Pierro x Paris Petard)Cranbourne  r1 Maiden 3.00
Canyonero(2c Pierro x Rosnaree)Randwick  r4 Open 13.00
 Inglis Australian Easter $130,000
Planet Flower(3f Planet Five x Island View)Narrogin  r1 Maiden 21.00
Fire Ranger(3g Pluck x Bowemma)Colac  r1 Maiden 34.00
Pluckani(3f Pluck x Lalani)Toowoomba  r6 Maiden 15.00
 MM National Weanling General Session $7,000
Johnny Come Lately(3g Postponed x True Confession)Ascot Park  r3 Maiden
 NZB Festival $12,000
Mischievousmarilyn(2f Real Saga x Curvy Miss)Doomben  r4 Open 31.00
The Queens Regent(5m Reset x Space Regent)Cranbourne  r1 Maiden 8.50
Atomic Ring(5h Ring Star x Trackdancer)Moree  r1 Maiden 61.00
May Keep Him(2g Scandal Keeper x Mimala May)Ascot  r1 Open 61.00
 MM Perth $15,000
Doss(2c Sebring x Tapanappa)Doomben  r3 Open 14.00
 MM Gold Coast 2YOs In Training
 MM Gold Coast $170,000
Serlina(2f Sebring x Starlevie)Doomben  r4 Open 23.00
 MM Gold Coast $100,000
Qiji Express(2c Shamexpress x Miss Krisdel)Te Rapa  r2 Open 7.00
 First start. Cruised home in style in his trials. Big watch.
 NZB Select $27,500
Meet the Missus(4m Shinzig x Lisas Lago)Cranbourne  r1 Maiden 27.00
Star Slice(5m Shinzig x Sparkly Winks)Wangaratta  r2 Maiden 16.00
Sinnamon Lane(3f Show a Heart x Country Dane)Cranbourne  r1 Maiden 10.00
Sizzleme(2f Sizzling x Parnissius)Caulfield  r1 Open 34.00
 Inglis VOBIS Gold $30,000
Sizzling Ace(2f Sizzling x Big Birdie)Doomben  r4 Open 11.00
 MM Gold Coast $180,000
 Inglis Australian Weanling Platinum Session $145,000
Russian Romeo(2g Smart Missile x Tale of Love)Caulfield  r1 Open 9.00
 MM Gold Coast 2YOs In Training
 MM Gold Coast Book 2 $120,000
Tilbury(3f Smart Missile x Queen Hazel)Cranbourne  r2 Maiden 4.20
 MM Gold Coast $65,000
Irish Bet(2c Smart Missile x Dublin Me Bet)Randwick  r4 Open 5.50
 Inglis Australian Easter Session 2 $55,000
Via Regina(2f Snitzel x Tremezzo)Caulfield  r1 Open 14.00
 Inglis Premier $165,000
Wisdom Patch(2c Snitzel x Willow Creek)Te Rapa  r2 Open 6.00
 First start. Snitzel colt who has looked very smart at the trials. Big chance.
 Inglis Australian Easter $400,000
Talent School(3f So You Think x Nicodora)Cranbourne  r1 Maiden 4.60
Outback Barbie(2f Spirit of Boom x Pure Purrfection)Doomben  r4 Open 8.50
 MM Gold Coast $210,000
Spirit's Choice(2f Spirit of Boom x Deb's Choice)Doomben  r4 Open 91.00
 MM Gold Coast March
Commissioner(2c Stratum x Royal Tower)Doomben  r3 Open 4.80
 MM Gold Coast $275,000
Crackasafe(4g Stravinsky x Incommunicado)Narrogin  r2 Maiden 21.00
 Inglis Premier $20,000
Shirasca(3f Trade Fair x Cool Zero)Narrogin  r1 Maiden 2.25
 MM Perth
Dhuriaad(3f Turffontein x Najaad)Colac  r1 Maiden 41.00
Missile Crisis(3f Zacinto x Hecuba)Cranbourne  r1 Maiden 7.00
Zoutori(2c Zoustar x Atotori)Caulfield  r1 Open 34.00
 Inglis Australian Easter $160,000