Daily Debutants

Runners are sorted by their sire. Click on the dam name for sale details for her progeny or herself. Click on the race number and/or class for full form at Racenet. Only sales where the horse entered the ring are listed, if there is no sale price then it was passed in. Raceday comments are courtesy of Racenet.
Regina Del Dramma(3f Ambidexter x Romandrama)Strathalbyn  r5 Maiden
 MM Adelaide $24,000
Ejay's Dream(3f Artie Schiller x Ejay's Girl)Ascot  r7 Class 1
In The Sun(2f Barbados x Sareeb)Strathalbyn  r3 Maiden
 MM Adelaide Book 2 $10,000
Lady Belzone(2f Bel Esprit x Girlzone)Toowoomba  r1 Maiden
 MM Gold Coast March $42,500
Scottish Star(3f Bullbars x Highland Lights)Matamata  r5 Maiden
 NZB Select $46,000
 NZB Select $46,000
Overcharged(2c Charge Forward x Najaah)Seymour  r1 Maiden
 Inglis Classic $50,000
Varinka(2f Choisir x Trickett)Warwick Farm  r2 Maiden
 MM Gold Coast $150,000
Ourkhani(3g Dalakhani x Almah)Strathalbyn  r5 Maiden
 Inglis Premier $70,000
Intentional(2f Dawn Approach x Aforethought)Seymour  r1 Maiden
Party Maid(2f Dissident x Maid For Me)Sandown Lakeside  r1 Open
 Inglis Australian Easter $250,000
Vivid Dreamer(4m Dreamscape x Clearspell)Launceston  r2 Maiden
Stick 'em Up(2f Dundeel x Shoot Fer Love)Warwick Farm  r2 Maiden
 Inglis Australian Easter Book 2 $110,000
Leadburn Lion(2g Easy Rocking x Your Lion Eyes)Toowoomba  r1 Maiden
Shoes Of Ekraar(3g Ekraar x Lady Three Shoes)Ascot  r1 Rst 0 Met Win-LY
Barzilai(2f Eurozone x Civelb)Strathalbyn  r3 Maiden
 MM Adelaide Book 2 $24,000
Exceed Rock(2c Exceed And Excel x Sister Rocks)Seymour  r1 Maiden
 Inglis Premier $280,000
Normanton(3g Exceedingly Good x Karanja)Toowoomba  r4 Maiden
Fiorente's Girl(2f Fiorente x Lady Of Sorrento)Sandown Lakeside  r1 Open
Rexford(3g Galah x Kings Advantage)Ascot  r2 Maiden
 MM Perth $22,000
Old Havana(4g Havana Gold x Karjera)Happy Valley  r3 Class 4
Feathers Of Hope(3f Helmet x Angel In Grey)Darwin  r3 Open
 MM Gold Coast 2YOs In Training $18,000
 Inglis VOBIS Gold $10,000
Geraldine's Jewel(2f Helmet x Katherine Gold)Sandown Lakeside  r1 Open
 Inglis VOBIS Gold $5,500
In Waves(2c Holy Roman Emperor x Phocis)Warwick Farm  r1 Maiden
 MM Gold Coast $260,000
House Blues(5g Hothouse x Speedy Blues)Strathalbyn  r5 Maiden
Impudens(2c I Am Invincible x Ready To Rule)Warwick Farm  r1 Maiden
 MM Gold Coast $500,000
Iskander(2f I Am Invincible x Lady's Light)Warwick Farm  r2 Maiden
 Inglis Australian Easter $500,000
Ironore Gina(2f Keep The Faith x Rustie Bugles)Sandown Lakeside  r1 Open
Valen Galtero(2g Knight Exemplar x Good Grace)Warwick Farm  r1 Maiden
Flirting(2f Medaglia D'Oro x Come Hither)Seymour  r1 Maiden
Mr Deadline(2c More Than Ready x Extension Of Time)Seymour  r1 Maiden
 Inglis Premier $220,000
Avion Fury(2c More Than Ready x Elan Grenadine)Warwick Farm  r1 Maiden
 MM Gold Coast $140,000
Dhiaga(2g More Than Ready x Madam Devine)Warwick Farm  r1 Maiden
 MM Gold Coast $100,000
Manor King(2g Nicconi x Tarmons)Strathalbyn  r3 Maiden
 MM Gold Coast March $40,000
Abiding(2c Not A Single Doubt x Gold Letter)Seymour  r1 Maiden
 MM Gold Coast $160,000
Maqsad(2f Not A Single Doubt x Moojeh)Seymour  r1 Maiden
Dr Kardo(2c Not A Single Doubt x Luellen)Warwick Farm  r1 Maiden
 MM Gold Coast 2YOs In Training
 MM Gold Coast $100,000
Not Feint Hearted(2c Not A Single Doubt x Feint)Warwick Farm  r1 Maiden
 MM Perth $100,000
Showboat(2f Ocean Park x Showing Off)Matamata  r4 Maiden
Navarro Lad(3g Ocean Park x Corsicana)Seymour  r4 Maiden
 MM Gold Coast $120,000
Lady Sheilack(2f Pluck x Silvery Sheila)Seymour  r1 Maiden
 MM Gold Coast Book 2 $50,000
Kontact(4m Raise The Flag x Normandy Lass)Matamata  r6 Maiden
Apicius(2f Redoute's Choice x Vanilla Princess)Warwick Farm  r2 Maiden
 Inglis Australian Easter
Ballet Boy(3g Redwood x Darcey Bussell)Matamata  r8 Maiden
Triple Red(2f Redwood x Darting)Sandown Lakeside  r1 Open
 Inglis Premier Book 2 $32,000
Octane Jane(3f Rock 'n' Pop x Jane)Matamata  r2 Maiden
 NZB National Weanling Broodmare and Mixed - Weanlings $10,000
Swiftness(2f Rubick x Bonzerina)Seymour  r1 Maiden
 MM Adelaide Book 2 $15,000
 MM National Weanling $2,000
Prince Of Puzzle(2g Rubick x Agathacristi)Warwick Farm  r1 Maiden
Bella Rubino(2f Rubick x Zibello)Warwick Farm  r2 Maiden
 Inglis Classic Book 2 $35,000
Matamata(3g Savabeel x Prickle)Sandown Lakeside  r2 Maiden
 NZB Premier $150,000
Polar Night(3f Shocking x Sundown)Matamata  r2 Maiden
Foogayzee(2g Showcasing x Pearls)Matamata  r4 Maiden
 NZB Ready To Run of 2YOs $120,000
 NZB Karaka - Book 2 $80,000
Woodcote Lass(2f Showcasing x Lady Woodcote)Matamata  r4 Maiden
Dream Warriors(3g Smart Missile x Mitzi)Happy Valley  r4 Class 4
 Inglis Australian Easter $80,000
Naval Strike(2g Smart Missile x Miss Ricciardo)Toowoomba  r1 Maiden
Our Girl Sniti(2f Snitzel x Chintz)Warwick Farm  r2 Maiden
Star Central(2f Star Witness x Express Central)Strathalbyn  r3 Maiden
Texas Tramp(3f Star Witness x Inspect)Seymour  r2 Maiden
 MM National $17,000
Haneda(2f Street Boss x Mother Grace)Strathalbyn  r3 Maiden
 MM Adelaide $40,000
Bullet Raiders(2c Street Boss x Bad Kitty)Warwick Farm  r1 Maiden
 MM Gold Coast $170,000
Never Listen(2f Trusting x Rose O' War)Warwick Farm  r2 Maiden
Unusual Aunt(2f Unusual Suspect x Startling Aura)Toowoomba  r1 Maiden
Aperol Sprint(2f Verrazano x Velocity Gal)Warwick Farm  r2 Maiden
Navagio Beach(2f Zebedee x Empress Zakynthos)Toowoomba  r1 Maiden
Barcali(2c Zoustar x And Rock)Seymour  r1 Maiden
 Inglis Premier $170,000
Frome The Stars(2f Zoustar x Frim And Frome)Seymour  r1 Maiden
 Inglis Australian Easter $100,000