Racenet / Breednet Directory Worksheet

These are the six simple stages to activate your Business or Product on the Racenet / Breednet Directory.

Each stage has an easy to understand Explanation or set of Instructions to make the process seamless.

    Setting up an Account

  1. Register

    NOTE: These instructions are based on you having printed the instructions and are using the instructions to register.

    Click on the link to the right - www.breednet.com.au/Products-and-Services/ - to go to the Directory home page.

    Under the CLIENT LOGIN (which is to the right), click on the link Click to Register (which is adjacent to the Submit button) .

  2. Email Activation

    When you register, you will submit your email address. On completing your registration, you are sent an email immediately. Click on the link in the email to active your registration.

    A new page appears - click on the link Account Management to progress to stage three.

  3. Setting up your Business / Product

  4. Add new business / product

    Click on the link Add new business / product to add your details for your new directory web page.

    There is a comments section where you can write up to 2500 characters on what your business / product has to offer.

    Instructions for adding new business / product

  5. Upload Logo and Images

    Click on the link Upload / Manage Images to add your logo and images to your new directory web page.

    Instructions for Uploading Logo and Images

  6. Payment Options

    Read the explanation of Payment Options to find the best way to activate your directory page.