Breednet Privacy Policy

About this Policy
This Privacy Policy outlines how we manage and utilise your personal information. It also covers how that information is obtained, used and disclosed to other third-parties.

Personal Information will collected personal data such as name, email address and phone number during registration processes, some of which are optional. Any financial information used to purchase digital goods is used only for the transaction and are not retained by We will also monitor the pages you visit and the frequency at which they are visited.

In certain cases we will try to store small files on your device. We use these files as a method to ensure your account security and to recognise you as a registered customer and retain your ‘log in’ status as you navigate the website. Session cookies will be deleted once you log out of the system, others will expire within one day unless chosen otherwise by the customer. Having such technology turned off will potentially result in complications with the services we provide.

Use of the information does not disclose any of the customers collected information to third-party companies.

Information Security
All information provided to us is protected by data encryption and firewalls. The information is accessible only by employees who need to use the data to fulfil their job responsibilities. Your account with also requires that you keep your password private. If you believe that your account has been compromised we suggest you change the password immediately and contact us about the issue. will never ask for your password in an email; however this information may be required to access some features provided by us. In the case where such information is required, ensure that the URL begins with

Credit Card Information
Some pages on Breednet may require a payment which involves the use of credit card details. Upon making a payment using either your credit card or PayPal account, Breednet will not retain any of the customers details. Credit Card payments are made through the National Australia Bank and credit card details for recurring payments are stored only by the National Australia Bank.

All payments will generate receipts for both the customers and Breednet's records.

Changing your personal information
Customers can also request their account with to be closed by contacting us. Closing your account marks it as ‘closed’ and any access from being denied. We will keep your account information in our database to assist in deterring fraud, but the information will no longer be used by us unless required by law.

Privacy Issues
If you wish to inquire further about the privacy policy, you can contact us through the following:

  • Phone: (02) 9525 8111
  • Email: