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MM Capricornia Yearling Sale 2009

 54 Colt - Warden Ben by FalvelonB: C Leather, Bowen$52,500
 55 Colt - Nastro Blu by SeidnazarB: KR Kemp, Brisbane$35,000
 62 Colt - Se ualo x CouturiereB: Commercial B'stock, Perth$27,500
 49 Filly - Hidden Rewards by Hidden DragonB: Wilpeena C/Co, Dingo$27,000
 96 Colt - I lesia x Kahuna's GirlB: L Rowe, Rockhampton$25,000
 34 Colt - Arcano by Secret SavingsB: B Ouston, Rockhampton$22,000
 6 Colt - Who's The Dude Now by Stromberg CarlsonB: J Pointon, Gracemere$20,000
 7 Colt - Moss Rocket by MossmanB: W Cupitt, NSW$19,000
 19 Colt - Markane x Smytzer's FalconB: Commercial B'stock, Perth$18,000
 78 Colt - Ferocity Blue by FerocityB: K M Ine, Rockhampton$18,000
 74 Colt - Raucous Laughter by FerocityB: Commercial B'stock, Perth$17,500
 92 Filly - Iriana Style by Garrison SavannahB: Wilpeena C/Co, Dingo$17,000
 60 Filly - La Bella Layla by MinardiB: D Di Bella, Townsville$14,000
 75 Colt - Vice Admiral x FanfareB: CH & EE Large, Kabra$14,000
 85 Filly - Se ualo x HairsprayB: Commercial B'stock, Perth$14,000
 2 Filly - Taylorjane by King Of DanesB: L Applewaite, Rockhampton$13,000
 32 Colt - Top Jaydee by Ukok WarriorB: SW & DF Everingham, Baralaba$13,000
 43 Colt - Mr Kahn by MarkaneB: N, K & G Milner, Ridgelands$13,000
 61 Colt - Jeton by Real JesterB: J Wigginton, Rockhampton$12,000
 11 Filly - Stromberg Carlson x RorybelleB: N, K & G Milner, Ridgelands$11,000
 69 Filly - Red Lion Lass by Jeune King PrawnB: SW & DF Everingham, Baralaba$11,000
 72 Colt - Nadkin by Stromberg CarlsonB: Karena Racing Syndicate, Emerald$11,000
 76 Filly - Baralaba Babe by Waterford RoadB: SW & DF Everingham, Baralaba$11,000
 31 Colt - Vault Breaker by Break The VaultB: IS & DJ McKenzie, Gracemere$10,000
 58 Colt - Jet Spur x CheekiesB: N King, Thangool$10,000
 64 Filly - Seidnazar x CrusadingB: Smith Racing Stables, Roma$10,000
 70 Filly - Gemmars Girl by Private AgendaB: R & C Matton, Bouldercombe$10,000
 94 Colt - Joinrico by TechricoB: P Boodle, Rockhampton$10,000
 104 Colt - Citi Route by Salt Lake CityB: G Christoff, Rockhampton$10,000
 110 Colt - Magic Albert x Pleasurable NZB: G Taylor, Rockhampton$10,000
 29 Colt - Private Agenda x The WindB: Karena Racing Syndicate, Emerald$9,000
 40 Filly - Hidden Dragon x W n aB: LD & NM Woodman, Mackay$9,000
 1 Colt - Garrison Gold by Garrison SavannahB: P Hughes, Bouldercombe$8,000
 9 Colt - Banker's Trust by SnippetsonB: R Fletcher, Emerald$8,000
 42 Colt - Reeces Comet by FalvelonB: G Collier, Brisbane$8,000
 44 Filly - Stromglad by Stromberg CarlsonB: Smith Racing Stables, Roma$8,000
 50 Filly - Star Strategy by StrategicB: M Dore, Rockhampton$8,000
 53 Colt - Ridgee Didgee by Not A Single DoubtB: CH & EE Large, Kabra$8,000
 93 Colt - Wishart x Italian StarB: Commercial B'stock,,Perth$8,000
 95 Filly - Jolea by Bagger VanceB: P Hughes, Bouldercombe$8,000
 97 Colt - Cosho by ShovhogB: KJ & HJ Lynch, Thangool$8,000
 4 Filly - Black Rose by Pure TheatreB: N King, Thangool$7,000
 30 Filly - Minnie Mooch by Face ValueB: Imocast Racing, Mackay$7,000
 39 Colt - Stromberg Carlson x Western RollB: C Leather, Bowen$7,000
 47 Filly - Lookstoogood by TaimazovB: W Davies, Rockhampton$7,000
 87 Colt - Shovhog x High EncounterB: R & S Kirkwood, Charters Towers$7,000
 101 Colt - Cugat's Lad by King CugatB: Commercial B'stock, Perth$7,000
 13 Filly - The Pie by Bagger VanceB: Massab Metals, Townsville$6,000
 15 Filly - Easy Rocking x Sea LilyB: S Lawrie, Blackwater$6,000
 16 Colt - Taimazov x She's NewsB: M McKenzie, Gracemere$6,000
 25 Colt - Oneunderpar by Bagger VanceB: Fenlon Bros, Moranbah$6,000
 51 Colt - Cowboy Town by TaimazovB: Capricorn Trust, Emerald$6,000
 28 Colt - On The Agenda by Private AgendaB: Massab Metals, Townsville$5,000
 33 Filly - Princess Vella by Bagger VanceB: B Charles, Rockhampton$5,000
 46 Filly - Mia Georgina by ViscountB: N King, Thangool$5,000
 48 Colt - Western Mate by Western RedB: P Hughes, Bouldercombe$5,000
 63 Colt - Sylfiden by EncoresB: D Kuhl, Emerald$5,000
 67 Filly - Dracula x Diver DownB: T Pearce, Rockhampton$5,000
 79 Filly - Bagger Vance x FlowersB: J Rundle, Rockhampton$5,000
 102 - Monashee Express by Monashee MountainB: D Turner, Calliope$5,000
 109 Filly - Elegance On Ice by Bradbury's LuckB: R Sullivan, Gracemere$5,000
 80 Filly - Seidnazar x GabbianoB: J Crane, Rockhampton$4,500
 10 Filly - Boatfullofmoney by OarsmanB: Fenlon Bros, Moranbah$4,000
 17 Filly - Samara Rocket by Bagger VanceB: J Manzelmann, Mackay$4,000
 24 Gelding - Drac's Image by DraculaB: E Pershouse, Mena Creek$4,000
 57 Colt - Easy Dude by Easy RockingB: T Bourke, Rockhampton$4,000
 68 Colt - Double Your Bag by Bagger VanceB: K Cawthray, Bororen$4,000
 73 Filly - War Trace x EmpressaireB: S Lawrie, Blackwater$4,000
 83 Filly - Over x Giulia Di FranciaB: Massab Metals, Townsville$4,000
 23 Colt - Azavance by Bagger VanceB: J Darveniza, Gracemere$3,000
 100 Colt - Mister Kwila x Ma g nolia Rain -B: B Challamonde, Gracemere$3,000
 105 Filly - Another Lolly by EncoresB: PJ Kirkwood, Yeppoon$3,000
 107 Colt - Modern Era x Palace NightB: R Roberts, Rockhampton$3,000
 3 Filly - Lady Boondilla by Stromberg CarlsonB: K Cawthray, Bororen$2,000
 14 Colt - War Trace x Saw MitFSailyB: Ca ricorn Trust, Emerald$2,000
 27 Filly - Wellalright by Top EchelonB: Massab Metals, Townsville$2,000
 65 Filly - Shankill Road by War TraceB: WD Lemmon, Proserpine$2,000
 98 Colt - Encores x Larcom HopeB: Capricorn Trust, Emerald$2,000
 99 Colt - Brucester by Bagger VanceB: RJ Sutton, Gracemere$2,000