Blue Hills Thoroughbreds

At Blue Hills Thoroughbreds, on arrival all mares will be weighed and drenched. Their feet will also be trimmed on arrival if required and if mares are in foal they will be scanned to confirm a positive or negative result. A photo will be taken and all of this information entered into their own individual chart. Otherwise the mares will fall into the routine schedule of being trimmed once a month and drenched every six weeks. At drenching time they will be continually weighed, this enables us to monitor each mares progress individually.

Through Jens very successful breeding experience, with the support of a vet, mares can be prepared for the breeding season at Blue Hills Thoroughbreds for your convenience. Mares can be placed under lights, paddocked individually or run with other mares. This it ensures that the mares are ready to be covered, either on farm or the stud where the stallion stands, making the process less stressful on the mare and time spent away from home minimised. Upon return the mares progress throughout pregnancy will be then monitored at Blue Hills.

Mares will be vaccinated one month prior to foaling for tetanus, strangles and salmonella. For foaling down mares, owners can also have peace of mind that their expecting mares are monitored 24 Hrs a day being housed in a flood lit paddock at night until they have foaled.

Once your mare foals she will be placed into one of our mothering paddocks for approx one week so both mare and foal can be monitored closely. Mares that have foals that are born with problems will be boxed in our large stables until they are fit to be placed in the mothering paddocks.

In the event of a difficult foaling, we have the services of a local veterinary practice which is also on call 24 Hrs a day 7 days a week. For any other major concerns Oakey Veterinary Clinic is no more than 30 Km away.

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