Brindabella Stockfeed

Brindabella Stockfeed is a Canberra based produce store situated at 2 Johns Place, HUME which prides itself on a wide range of quality processed feed, cracked, whole and mixed grains, feed additives, mineral supplements, straw, chaff and hay for all types of animals.

We offer a fixed $8 delivery to all Canberra and Queanbeyan suburbs each Wednesday and Saturday, as well as a low cost delivery service for the Canberra local rural area.

Whether you’re a serious sheep or cattle farmer, small pet owner, into rural lifestyles, equestrian activities, dog, bird, cat breeding or just want to supplement feed the wild birds and kangaroos, then Brindabella Stockfeed has the right produce for your needs.

If your having difficulty finding a favourite brand, want delivery outside the Canberra area or you’re searching for certified organic products then contact us to arrange a quote.

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