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Equilibrium Australia

Equilibrium was developed to provide a simple nutritional solution to many of the common and frustrating problems facing horse owners. It was developed by Veterinarian, Dr Lex Wills, with some specific goals in mind - Affordability, Universality and Results!

Lex has had an extensive equestrian career as a rider, coach, trainer, farrier, and veterinarian. With this broad background, his love for horses, and passion for all horse sports Lex set about trying to provide answers to some of the most frustrating conditions affecting performance. Lex identified three key factors required for successful performance. They were Feet, Fitness and Feeding.

The challenge was to produce an All in One supplement that would satisfy the basic requirements of performance horses without the need to supplement with multiple products. Further, a supplement that would be suitable for All horses from children''s ponies to elite racehorses, and from young foals to aged horses. It was essential that the supplement should be separate from the grain portion of the ration. Grain is one of the most variable inclusions in the diet whereas mineral and vitamin requirements are much more constant.

Finally it was important that the supplement produced results. Lex knew that Equilibrium worked on his own horses and those of his clients but in 2001 it was time to test it further afield. The results have been exceptional. There are numerous reports of wins and placings in our top endurance rides, spectacular Showjumping performances at World Cup level, great dressage performances from Preliminary to Grand Prix, wins in led-ins and carriage classes, and record breaking racetrack performances.

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