Ferny Glen Thoroughbreds

Ferny Glen Thoroughbred Stud is set on 56 acres at Ferny Glen near Canungra on the Gold Coast and just 50 minute drive to Brisbane Racecourses and 20 minute to the Gold Coast Turf Club.

Let your horse enjoy the best that nature has to offer. The riding agistment is by far our most popular agistment and represents great value for money. Whilst you have access to all the facilities and riding trails, your horse has access to the most natural environment you can provide. The paddocks are rotated on a weekly basis and the horses are brought closer to the carpark and facilities area over the weekend. However the horses are still easily accessible during the week and you are welcome to visit your horse as you please.

The number of horses in riding agistment can vary however all of our paddocks are large enough to accommodate the number of horses in each thus ensuring they are never overstocked. These horses have access to many different paddocks ensuring there is no competition for feed.

If you would like your horse fed they usually have to be in either a separate paddock or one of the special feed program paddocks. A full range of supplementary feeding and rugging/unrugging programs are available. Only the best quality feeds are used and these are fed according to the manufacturers recommendations. Products used provide a complete and economical cool energy feed.

These paddocks have specially designed individual yards to ensure your horse enjoys all of their feed without any stress or competition.

Often people forget that a horse might weigh 600 plus kilos and that is what their feet have to support. At any one time, your horse will only have one foot on the ground at a gallop or a play in the paddock.

We believe that if we can educate owners and show them good from bad, we are well on the way to helping our horses and limiting lower leg injuries. EXPERIENCE, DEDICATION and PROFESSIONALISM are the three keys that make our Farriers the best.

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