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We aim to provide quality equine nutrition products, based on sound, scientific principles, with an emphasis on low-grain feeding and adequate mineral and trace-element supplementation.

Horsepower will provide expert advice and information as part of its package, with the overall health and well-being of the horse always being the primary concern.

Improving the profitability of our clients through the improved performances of their horses is the practical manner in which our results are judged.

Dr. Mark Greathead BVSc, MRCVS

Company History
In order to fully understand the history behind the development and subsequent philosophy of Equine Nutrition Systems P/L, it is first necessary to look at the professional development of company founder Dr Mark Greathead, BVSc, MRCVS.

Dr Greathead graduated from the University of Sydney''s veterinary science faculty in 1976. For the next three years, he worked in various veterinary practices in the United Kingdom and South Africa before returning to Australia to establish his own practice, the Racecourse Road Veterinary Surgery, specialising in equine medicine and surgery.

Once back in Australia, Dr Greathead pioneered the use of abrasion arthroscopy for joint surgery on horses, and lectured on the subject to the Australian Equine Veterinary Association.

As Dr Greathead''s Brisbane practice continued to prosper, he became increasingly concerned at the number of horses presenting with a variety of clinical symptoms resulting from poor nutrition. The problems included horses not gaining weight, tying-up, general muscle soreness, nervousness and chewing wood, among others.

Of course, many of these problems can lead to underperformance, and are often the precursors to more serious conditions.

After successfully treating many horses by adjusting their diets, Dr Greathead eventually established his own horse-feed business, Equine Nutrition Systems, which was launched in 1985.

Founded on the principles of low-grain diets and the importance of adequate minerals, Horsepower products quickly developed a loyal following. A major reason is that, quite simply, they work.

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