IRT Insurance

IRT Insurance was founded in 1977 by Quentin Wallace - who also founded IRT five years earlier - and was originally called Wallace Livestock Insurance Agency. IRT has grown into one of the world''s most trusted horse transport companies and the two companies have always worked in close partnership. With a shared philosophy of service and integrity. Now they also share the same name.

Our qualified staff combine decades of experience with an on-going, specialised knowledge in the fields of both bloodstock and insurance, to provide clients with an unrivalled service.

It is the ability to understand all aspects of thehorse industry, and appreciate each individuals client''s needs and concerns that make IRT Insurance and integral part of the Australian equine industry, not just another insurance company.

All IRT Insurance plans are backed by the underwriting of Markel Insurance Company, a brand which has been long associated with equine insurance in the United States. Markel Corporation has been providing equine products for generation, enhancing the company''s reputation as a niche insurer.

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