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Kohnkes Own

Over the last 30 years, Dr John Kohnke has become the most well known Australian veterinarian as an adviser on the nutrition and practical health care of horses. He provides a nutritional consultancy service to many trainers and studs, as well as owners and riders of equestrian horses.

He has written and edited two major books and numerous book chapters on equine nutrition, which have become well recognised hand books for horse training, breeders, owners and veterinarians throughout the world. He has written over 2000 articles on horse feeding and health care, presented over 1800 seminars and lectured on horse nutrition to students of horse care courses.

His interest in equine nutrition and feeds has provided him with specialist knowledge in formulating dietary supplements to meet the specific needs of all types of horses.

He has now formulated an innovative range of feed supplements and horse care products, distinguished by the Kohnke''s Own brand name.

The Kohnke''s Own range of supplements are based on scientific formulations that will help ensure that the mineral, trace-mineral and vitamin content of your horse''s diet will not be a limiting factor to its health of performance.

The nutritional range is centred around six separate cold-pressed supplement pellets, or Supplets®, an innovative, high quality nutrient dense small food pellet developed especially for the Kohnke''s Own range of supplements. Each Supplet type contains specific classes of nutrients to ensure optimum stability, which are blended in different proportions relative to the nutrient needs of growing, breeding, exercising and resting horses. Separate supplements of Vitamin E, iron and salts are also available to correct specific inadequacies in the diets of horses, where necessary.

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