Rudds Horse Transport

After starting Rudds Horse Transport in 1994, Les has worked hard to gain the trust of his loyal client base. He has enjoyed building his business from the humble beginnings of one eight horse truck to a fleet of 8 trucks, constantly running the highways.

Les shares his time between transporting horses interstate, maintaining trucks and the RHT office.

Paula joined Les in the business in 2001. Paula handles the quotes, booking and general administration of RHT. She also co-ordinates the daily truck schedules and is the first point of contact for clients with queries while their horse is in transit.

After servicing Queensland successfully for 8 years, in 2002 Rudds responded to increasing demands from clients to operate a service throughout New South Wales and Victoria.

Horses in our care are well rested at designated stables every night. They are fed with good quality Lucerne hay and while stabled, have access to fresh water at all times.

We appreciate that some horses are on a strict diet. If you would like your horse to continue this feeding regime whilst in transit, don?t hesitate to send your horse?s feed, complete with written feeding instructions, with the float driver.

The team at Rudds are fully aware that not all horses cope well with being transported. We take the time to pay attention to the individual needs of every horse that is in transit.

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