Twin Creeks Thoroughbreds

Twin Creeks is 280 acres of fertile creek flats, rising plains and sheltered valleys which make the property ideally suited to thoroughbred husbandry. Located north of the Great Divide, Samaria enjoys early springs and temperate summers. The average annual rainfall is 1000mm and the mean daytime temperature is 22 degrees Celsius. The pasture is cross-grazed with cattle for parasite control and slashed to prolong the growth phase.

All paddocks are double fenced with 1400mm high post and rail, electric and mesh fencing. The property is subdivided into a range of paddock sizes, from 2-acre private paddocks, to 20-acre paddocks for horses to socialise in groups.

Complete breeding management is offered, including foaling down and breeding of difficult mares, using the specialist reproduction vets from the Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital.

Twin Creeks offers a walkout service for mares to Victorian studs as well as the Hunter Valley, using our own transport and providing a stopover for the horses in Bowral to give them a break from travel.Weanling and yearling sales preparation is also available.

Complete Broodmare and Foal Care;

Breeding management of mares with particular attention to difficult mares, using reproductive specialist vets from Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital
Foaling down
Mares under lights
Corrective trimming by specialist farrier team, headed by John Pittard
Nutrition formulated and overseen by Dr. Peter Huntington, KER
Walk-out stallion service to Victorian and Hunter Valley studs

Yearling and Spelling Agistment;

Supplementary feed formulated for different stages of growth and development
Group and individual spelling
Long and short term agistment
Complimentary transport for two or more spellers (conditions apply)

Performance Horse Agistment;

Rehabilitation or 'holiday ' agistment
Individual feed requirements attended to
Private paddock with optional quiet companion
24 hour care
Rehoming of retired racehorses

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