Veresdale Equine

Our modern purpose-built clinic affords many facilities to make it the best place for your horse to be (other than their home, of course!). This includes:

Location is not on a busy main road, making for a more peaceful atmosphere
Large float turnaround area, making it even easier to navigate your equines transport
Very tall building (5.4m-8m high, in fact). The height makes for a less clautrophobic space for your horse, and many equines who are wary of stables feel comfortable entering the clinic
Wide breezeway, for safety and comfort.
Purpose-built crush for dentistry, reproductive scanning, and standing surgeries. It has been designed to be safe and a pleasure to use.
Podiatry and Lameness Area, with farrier space and an extra tie up.
Extra large stables, complete with fluid wheels, 3x layers of wonderfully comfortable rubber, and animal eco bedding, which is dust-free.
Clinic is fully-insulated to beat the Queensland heat
A separate and air-conditioned kids area, which has a large window looking out to the consult area, so you can see your children. This means the kids can be entertained whilst safely being out of your horses and vet''s way.

Portable, Digital Radiography you can view the x-ray at your property with the vet as soon as its taken
Ultrasound both reproductive & tissue/tendon scanning
Dentistry floating, tooth extractions
Pathology services
Pre-purchase exams and insurance
Portable crush
House calls
Reproduction Pre-breeding Exams, Suitability for Breeding Exams, Follicle Testing, Pregnancy Testing, Artificial Insemination
Surgery procedures
Stud medicine ncluding Post-foaling Evaluation of mare and foal, IgG testing of foals
Health checks well being, senior, weight loss/gain, competition and performance
Euthanasia at your home
Gastro-intestinal conditions treatment of colic, diarrhoea, weight loss and other related conditions
Feeding and nutrition advice
Lameness and unknown soreness
Freeze Branding

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