Sires With Winners - Sunday July 5

Breednet - Saturday July 4
Here is today's full list of the 115 stallions which had winners throughout Australasia on Sunday July 5 with winners and result details.

  4g Recondite (ex Aquarius Star) Newcastle

Al Maher
  5g Al Mah Rocket (ex Shanneel) Mt Isa

Alfred Nobel
  2f Bumper Humper (ex Mardella Miss) Belmont Park

All American
  5m American Summer (ex Macarthur Park) Chinchilla

All Too Hard
  4g Blow Torch (ex Skye Gold) Murray Bridge Gh

  6g Framework (ex Mai Be Invincible) Mt Isa

Animal Kingdom
  4g Clarion (ex Battle Queen) Mt Isa
  5m Foxleigh (ex Revidere) Charleville
  3f Sunday Sassy (ex Intimation) Gold Coast
  4g The Kingdom (ex Helena Girl) Eagle Farm

Any Suggestion
  5g Speed Call (ex Game Call) Awapuni

  6g Lord Belvedere (ex Diablerette) Flemington

Artie Schiller
  5g Silverhawk (ex Luloah) Murray Bridge Gh

  6g Autmed (ex Meddling) Townsville

  3g Calypso Reign (ex Rainbird Blue) Murray Bridge Gh

  4m Handspun (ex Calle Flora) Randwick
Brazen Beau
  3g Hypersonic (ex Bella Jewel) Murray Bridge Gh

  4m Our Fine Wine (ex Madam Kirk) Te Rapa

  4m Elusive Rose (ex Elusive Doll) Murray Bridge Gh

Canford Cliffs
  6g Get Up Cliff (ex Boundary West) Echuca

  4m Music Bay (ex Illicitly) Flemington
  2c Blaze A Trail (ex Flaming) Newcastle

  6g Tellyawhat (ex Tudor Park) Te Rapa

Dawn Approach
  4g Dusktilldawn (ex Antipode) Nyngan
  4g Winning Partner (ex Lady Frere) Murray Bridge Gh
Deep Field
  3g Spaceboy (ex Miatoko) Randwick

  6g Zero Demerits (ex Glamd) Belmont Park

  4g El Demonio (ex Daddys Little Girl) Charleville

  5g Trommelschlagen (ex Chenar) Charleville

  5g Steven James (ex Flinders) Te Rapa

  6m Essaka (ex Blonde Bombshell) Chinchilla

  3f Euro Belle (ex Feline Flyer) Eagle Farm

Exceed And Excel
  4g Elixir (ex Flavoured) Eagle Farm

  4g Happy Star (ex Carlton Queen) Awapuni

  6g Deerfield (ex The Dazzler) Awapuni

Fastnet Rock
  5g Eagleworks (ex Chrisalice) Nyngan
  3g Edison (ex A Million Tears) Randwick
  5g Humbolt Current (ex Humdrum) Eagle Farm
  3g Samurai (ex Summer Girlfriend) Gold Coast
  4m Strawb (ex Joy Toy) Newcastle
  4g William (ex Music In My Heart) Toowoomba

  3g Ferindi (ex My Indigo) Te Rapa
  4m Ladylax (ex This Is Your Life) Te Rapa
  2f Vaporetto (ex Gondola Girl) Port Macquarie

  3g Cousin Ivan (ex Chong Nonsi) Belmont Park LR

Floral Pegasus
  6g Eastern Pegasus (ex Tiroliza) Echuca

  4g Another Bit (ex Take All Of Me) Fannie Bay

Golden Archer
  2f Red Wabbat (ex Kamadiva) Toowoomba

Good Journey
  8g Masking (ex Barossa Delight) Townsville

Harbour Watch
  4g Harbourside (ex Scattered Dreams) Te Rapa

Hard Spun
  6g Taciturn (ex The Fairest) Fannie Bay

  4g Military Bay (ex Finally) Nyngan

I Am Invincible
  3g Leo (ex Swooning) Randwick
  3g Lighthorse Lad (ex Dove Lake) Townsville
  3g Long Beach (ex Avenida Madero) Belmont Park
  3c Quantico (ex Hoss Amor) Eagle Farm
  5g The Consigliere (ex Perpugilliam) Charleville

Jet Spur
  3f Mishani Spirit (ex Mishani Sinner) Toowoomba
  3g Star Of Michelin (ex Conca Bella) Eagle Farm

  3f Dubai's Moko (ex Dubai Belle) Awapuni

Lord Jim
  8g High Opinion (ex Kerzaz) Randwick

Love Conquers All
  3g Love Is Blind (ex Fouette) Townsville

Magic Albert
  5g Dangerous Dan (ex A Little Knowledge) Port Macquarie

  5g Coroglen (ex Prospect Street) Charleville
  3g Just Folk (ex Fast Ruby) Echuca

  4m Let Sara Rock (ex Rocklet) Toowoomba

  3g Osaka (ex Lotteria) Te Rapa
  3g Wordsworth (ex Untouched) Te Rapa

Manhattan Rain
  6g Tango Rain (ex Tango Fire) Mt Isa

  5g Bak Da Master (ex Bak Da Princess) Awapuni

  4g Ronnie (ex Rhonda's Legacy) Gold Coast

Mint Lane
  5g Beermint (ex Sareeb) Murray Bridge Gh
  7g Clever Tommy (ex Clever Cat) Fannie Bay

Monashee Mountain
  4g Mont Mont (ex Wilful Kate) Chinchilla

  5g Sircconi (ex On Credit) Flemington LR
Night Of Thunder
  2g Cherry Tortoni (ex Tortoni) Flemington LR

Not A Single Doubt
  3c Dynamic Duo (ex Candy Stripes) Gold Coast

Nothin' Leica Dane
  4m Stormstarlet (ex Stormscape) Port Macquarie

Ocean Park
  4g Ocean Waves (ex Cape City Flyer) Gold Coast
  3g Thrum (ex Chorus) Gold Coast

Old Deuteronomy
  9g Charlie Cat (ex Ensejaam) Mt Isa

  5m More To Come (ex Prima Vera) Port Macquarie
  2c Azzareach (ex Mini) Gold Coast

  3g Orsetto (ex Three Bears) Toowoomba

  4g Agassi (ex Halle Rocks) Randwick
  3c Persan (ex Ofcourseican) Flemington

Playing God
  3f Miss Margaux (ex Rivotor) Belmont Park

Poet's Voice
  4m Mackellar's Voice (ex Diamond Eyes) Mt Isa
  4g Red Poet (ex Multiplication) Toowoomba
Pride Of Dubai
  2f Sense Of Honour (ex Little Miss Smiley) Flemington
  3f Aimee's Jewel (ex Aimee's Idol) Awapuni
Puissance De Lune
  3f Chantrea (ex Mosse) Belmont Park LR

Real Saga
  4g Our Alicia's Lane (ex Viennese Beauty) Townsville

Rebel Raider
  2g Super Striker (ex Raja Lane) Murray Bridge Gh

Red Arrow
  6g Tornado Of Souls (ex Miss Josephine) Fannie Bay

Red Element
  4g Santisimo (ex Mata Mia) Townsville

  4g Tigre Royale (ex Crown Tigress) Randwick

Reliable Man
  2f De La Terre (ex Veva Girl) Te Rapa
  4m Sidebar (ex Barbette) Awapuni

Reward For Effort
  5m Cheeky Reward (ex Go With The Wind) Townsville
  3f Lani Bang Bang (ex Star Lani) Echuca
  4m Rewarding Ruby (ex Rubydame) Echuca
Rich Enuff
  2f Plutocrat (ex Personal Guarantee) Eagle Farm LR

  5m Resistance (ex She's All Storm) Belmont Park
Sacred Falls
  3f Fonts De L'algar (ex Mayon) Te Rapa

Sammy Sequalo
  5g Monte Santo (ex Montesantos Star) Toowoomba

  7g Ali Baba (ex Dreamworks) Te Rapa
  3g Somnus (ex Dreamer) Newcastle

  6m Secrets No More (ex Secret Cavern) Port Macquarie

  3f Hydroexpress (ex Myminkcoat) Awapuni

Shamus Award
  3f Cordilla (ex Hilton Head) Flemington

  7g Late Return (ex Coronation's Babe) Nyngan
Shooting To Win
  2g McCain (ex Captivity) Echuca
  3f Tailleur (ex Clothing) Randwick

  4g Showmanship (ex Khales) Belmont Park

  3g Rock Paper Sizzle (ex Mystifying) Chinchilla

  6m Lady Skills (ex Lady Green) Townsville

Smart Missile
  4g Broken Arrows (ex Extremely) Eagle Farm
  4g Mittere (ex Rainbow Joy) Toowoomba
  4g Mr Boomjangles (ex Gentle Spirit) Fannie Bay

  3g Royal Banquet (ex Twilight Royale) Newcastle
  2f Snickerdoodledandy (ex Crafty Irna) Belmont Park
  4m Vitesse (ex Sananda) Randwick
Spill The Beans
  2g Derulo (ex Tiptoe) Townsville

Spirit Of Boom
  4m Jami Lady (ex Bevico Girl) Eagle Farm LR
  4m Rising Boom (ex Memorising) Townsville

  5g Thermosa (ex Erthakit) Nyngan

Star Witness
  4g Royal Witness (ex Confidential Queen) Eagle Farm

Statue Of Liberty
  3g New York World (ex Symphorosa) Echuca

Street Boss
  3f Sassy Sarah (ex Luvwhereyoulive) Charleville

Street Cry
  5g Chief Havoc (ex Magically) Port Macquarie
  5g Count Of Essex (ex Lady Paget) Fannie Bay

Street Sense
  9g Hard Stride (ex Hard Rider) Chinchilla

  3f Stryking Princess (ex Still) Chinchilla

Super Easy
  3g Super Flash (ex Marea Alta) Awapuni

  4g Tavi Mac (ex Bellaroof) Te Rapa
  3f Walking Flying (ex Veloce Bella) Flemington

The Factor
  4g Fattore Otto (ex Sicilia) Awapuni
  4m Quotant (ex Umagal) Gold Coast

  5g Turf Man (ex Bags Of Wheat) Murray Bridge Gh

Uncle Mo
  3g Kinship (ex Pinezero) Newcastle
  3g Royal Marine (ex Took) Newcastle

  3g Happy Bibi (ex Barabba Star) Fannie Bay

Universal Ruler
  3f We've Got Dreams (ex Hidden Dreams) Belmont Park

Vital Equine
  4g Wild Vitality (ex Flying Gaga) Echuca

Von Costa De Hero
  7g Lord Von Costa (ex Cashed Up Lady) Flemington LR
  3g Mendonsa Kiss (ex Military Kiss) Nyngan
  3g Autocratic (ex Ballet D'Amour) Fannie Bay

  3c Open War (ex Emmaagh) Newcastle

Written Tycoon
  4g Spielberg (ex Stella Maree) Fannie Bay
  4m Writer's Block (ex Agony) Mt Isa

Your Song
  4g Live Like (ex I'm Still Here) Echuca
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