Banchory Thoroughbreds

A recently constructed stable block with large airy boxes, feed room and internal wash bay complements amodernised, older stable block each with separate day yards is ideal for yearling preparation. An eight horse walker, loading ramp, and covered mare or horse crush adjoin the stable complex.

Individual colt yards are available and small to large spelling areas to cater to the specific requirements of owners and trainers. Our facilities are especially suited to horses which require expert and dedicated attention post operatively or rehabilitation from a racing injury.

Around the clock surveillance is provided for mares waiting to foal. Mares graze outside during the days and then are put into foaling yards under lights each night when foaling is imminent.
A series of laneways and connected paddocks simplifies the movement of horses from one area to another. Small catching yards are adjacent to most of the larger spelling areas, minimizing the movement of horses when farrier or veterinary treatment is required.

Two stallion yards, stables and exercise areas adjoin a large airy serving barn with unloading ramp, holding yards and amare crush with extremely safe foal bay for walk-ons.

Banchory offers single paddock agistment for colts and spellers with special requirements, as well as shared agistment facilities. Long term spelling for horses recovering from injuries such as tendon tears or bows, post-operative care including individual care and attention in stables and smaller yards is also available.

All feeds are mixed for the individual requirements of each speller under the watchful eye of Scott Colless, Banchory?s farm manager. Our lucerne hay is grown on farm on fertile creek flats which produce a high quality product throughout most of the year. Only on rare occasions, during prolonged dry periods, it becomes necessary to outsource our hay and chaff.

Most of our spelling paddocks are sown with improved pastures, including lucerne, green panic, Kentucky blue grass, on well drained, undulating terrain. Our smaller spelling areas have top rail fencing whilst the larger areas have 5 x strand soft wire fences, including two top white ?sight? wires. The horse areas on Banchory have a series of lane-ways which link to the stable and main horse handling areas, whilst catching yards are in or adjacent to all the larger paddocks to facilitate the catching and handling of stock.

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