Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Saturday January 18
Horse (Dam)
4m Morning Song (Morning Mist)
7g Wild Jack (Batterysnotncluded)
7m Knutquacker (Gladiator's Choice)
4g Graterra (Danasierra)
6g Barabas (Jazzmatazz)
2f Mishani Miss (Caressable One)
6g Stornaway (Temair)
4m Pancake (Holy Duck)
3g Yulong Peento (Cajou)
2f Personal (Personify)
7g It's Humphrey (Februarytwelve)
2f Mileva (Lady Einstein)
7g Cool Chap (Cherishing)
5g High Dude (Alzira)
2f Cellsabeel (Our Egyptian Raine)
6m Zhenya (Z'vinsky)
4m Lashes (Feint)
9g My Lesson (Miss Penny Lass)
4g Aspirate (Minnie Deal)
4g Snow Creek (Love Valley)
5m Out Of The Park (Under And Over)
5g Owen Patrick (Unplanned)
4g Chix Pic (Sassy Flyer)
5g Patristic (There She Be)
6g Fibonacci (Da Vinci Code)
3g Lightning Jack (La Petite)
7g Rocanto (Romantic Liaisons)
4g Credit Manager (Heineken Lass)
6g Wingard (Sleaford)
3g Poniard (Love The Limelight)
6g Two Odd Sox (Blithe Peril)
3f Roasted (Princess Qualo)
4h Embracer (Leone Chiara)
4m Quintuple Twins (Coogee Coozifa)
4g Perfect Award (Perfect Promise)
7g Earthling (Annie)
5m Groove On (Dolphin Serenade)
6g So Stoic (Miss Endeavour)
5g Street Sheik (Desert Heiress)
7g Knotted (Come Hither)
7m Mindy (Princess Of Birds)
7g Tickinover (Beaut Song)
4g Artful Teepa (Artful Esq)
4m Cry Out Loud (Lyceum)
5m Melbourne Hero (Magic Of Melbourne)
4g War Anthem (Graceful Tune)
5m Miss Smith (Sorell Miss)
4g Altair (Rossarita)
4g Sacred Gift (Calcatta)