Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Saturday January 23
Horse (Dam)
5m Cotillion (Debutante Robe)
5m Hold The Line (Why're You Waiting)
5g Only Wanna Sing (Sweet Hollow)
4g Garibaldi (Sonnenblume)
5m Invinciano (Equiano)
5m Damascus Moment (Damascus Road)
5g King Magnus (Influential Miss)
7m Not Approved (Sandon's Dolly)
4m Ringadingding (Sweet Spirit)
5m Think Music (See The Music)
4m Tilly's Star (Follow The Till)
5m She's Alight (Keep Alight)
4g Tavattack (Miss Aurora)
4m Amma (Fashion Island)
4m Fill Of Fun (Party Hard)
4g Motell (Tell Someone)
5g Pitchi Pitchi (Plain Crazy)
4m The First Of May (Imperial Ballet)
5g Rock Hard (Rock Of Fortune)
6g Springthorpe (Jesse's Girl)
5g Royal Pavilion (Military Blonde)
5g Caldwell (Our Duchess)
5m Star Singer (Singing Adelaide)
4m Irish Odds (Irish Dream)
5m Bimmies Twin (Rosebud Avenue)
6g Piqaboo (Jetsetting)
3f Surprize Me (Southern Point)
3g Mystery Bad Guy (Sharna Cabarna)
5g Scottish Soldier (Honor's Emma)
4g Sir Rocket (Wolfsburg)
4m Universal Pleasure (Amphlett)
3g Oswana (Watch My Lips)
3f Proudly Grey (Grey Dazzler)
8m Imblaze (Pure Timing)
2f Mystic Gem (Fine Mist)
4g Hankstar (Flying Lamborgini)
5g Fireworks (Brooklyn Roads)
3g Urus (Ma Joie)
2c Stay Inside (Nothin Leica Storm)
6g Skullharderson (Skullas Sister)
7g Kaphit (Free Hit)
6g Lord Lennox (La Reine Noir)
4g Metal World (Thundering Hoofs)
4g Roman Aureus (Praia Vermelha)
3f Rich Lister (Nothing Compares)
4g Caveman (Intelligente)
3g The Face (Crazy Quality)
4g Sowar (Dubai Me Diamonds)
4g Captain Kink (Rosie Redlips)
7g Kilowatt (Princess Latifah)
5g Coulpa (Jai Mahal)
3g Tags (Nosey Tycoon)
6g Dissolution (Family Breakup)
4m Devine Grey (Helena's Opera)
5m At Large (Desert Slew)
4g New Garden (Amicable Agreement)
5m She's Raunchy (Romp Around Jill)