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Bounce Back Horse Fence

Bounce Back ® horse fence is the only fencing option if you are serious about
protecting the well-being and value of your livestock.

The Bounce Back ® system has been engineered to provide the optimum balance between equine safety and containment. Rails are highly visible and have no sharp edges. Low profile brackets complement its smooth appearance and enhance protective qualities. Unlike traditional fencing systems, this fence will flex and return against low to medium level collision. In the case of severe impacts, Bounce Back ® is designed to reduce danger to livestock by stretching and cushioning impact.

Bounce Back ® horse fencing ensures a higher level of safety due to its’ flexible, plastic build. Horses are fast and strong animals, so a less forgiving horse fence can potentially increase your vet bills and injure your animals unnecessarily. Our horse fencing does not splinter either, and doesn’t have sharp edges or corners. For DIY installations and contractors Bounce Back ® provides a durable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, high quality solution to your horse fencing needs.

Bounce Back ® is proudly 100% Australian owned, and has been manufactured in our Western Sydney location for over 35 years. The product is manufactured and sold directly by Acacia Products who are technical plastics leaders.

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It's all about your horses

It's all about your horses