Results for 2024 Season

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Pecos 2 wins1st W&R Commercial Management Mdn; Tabtouch - Have You Got The Touch Hcp (C2); 3rd Albany Tradies Mdn;
Amarlie Miss 1 win1st Hille, Thompson & Delfos Surveyors Mdn; 2nd Bisley Workwear (Rs0ly);
Cash Away 1 win1st Gotta Love The Bowlo (Bm72+); 2nd Schweppes (Bm72+); Free Entry To Belmont Park (Bm66+); Peters Investments (Bm72+);
Rip It Sideways 1 win1st Glenroy Chaff Mdn;
Babyeska 3rd 1949 Cup Winner - Fresco King Mdn;
Dashingdaria 2nd Mdn Plate;
Great Heist 3rd Better Your Bet With Tabtouch (Bm46+);
Old Town Predator 2nd Carnarvon Electrics (Bm48+); 3rd Shire Of Leonora & DDH1 WA Drilling Hcp (Cl B);
Oriental Flyer 3rd You've Got The Touch With TABtouch Mdn;