Results for 2024 Season

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Ozarch 4 wins1st Hannas Toowoomba Mdn Plate; Neil Mansell Concrete Hcp (C2); Toowoomba Plastics (Bm62); Enterprise Legal (Bm70); 2nd Hcp (Cl B); 3rd TAB (Bm75);
Archer's Game 2 wins1st Quest Toowoomba Apartment Hotel Mdn Plate; RDO Equipment Kuhn Hcp (58); 2nd Great Northern Hcp (58); 3rd QBANK Hcp (C1); Sarah Springate from RealWay Hcp (C1);
Baltray 2 wins1st XXXX Gold Plate (C1); TAB (Bm62); 3rd Sirromet Plate (C2);
Basil's Bow 2 wins1st (Bm55); (Bm55);
Explosive Girl 2 wins1st (Bm45); (Bm45); 2nd (Bm45); (Bm55); (Bm45);
Gamely 2 wins1st Singapore Super Dynasty 2020 Hcp (C5); Singapore Hcp (C5); 2nd Singapore Hcp (C5); Singapore Hcp (C5); 3rd Singapore Hcp (C5); Singapore Hcp (C5);
Rose Of Athens 2 wins1st SPAR Malanda (Bm50); Innisfail Stockfeed & Saddlery (Bm50); 3rd (Bm45); R & J Batteries (Bm60);
Basil's Gift 1 win1st John Gilbert Electrical Mdn Hcp; 3rd Western Downs Regional Council Mdn Hcp;
Golden Athena 1 win1st QCWA Pioneer Division Hcp; 2nd Adlec Solar & Electrical Hcp; Book For Christmas Meeting Saturday 16 December (Bm70); 3rd Hillery Group Hcp; Open Hcp;
Masonry Man 1 win1st Tigers Old Boys Mdn Plate; 3rd Great Northern Mdn Plate;
Misery Miss 1 win1st (Bm55); 3rd (Bm55);
Mr Brose 1 win1st Searles Garden Products (Bm62); 2nd Caloundra RSL (Bm62); 3rd Stroud Homes Ipswich (Bm65); (Bm60);
On The Target 1 win1st Mdn Plate; 3rd TAB Hcp (C1);
Shinshinto 1 win1st Edwards Saddleworld Toowoomba (Bm58); 2nd TradePex Quick As Lightning (Bm58); 3rd TAB We're On (Bm58); Attwood Marshall Lawyers (Bm62);
Temptress Katie 1 win1st (Bm50); 2nd Armistice Hcp (C3);
The Golden Soul 1 win1st Hcp (55); 2nd Smirnoff Hcp (58); 3rd ITC Wishes You A Merry Christmas Hcp (58);
Aylla's Pride 3rd The Prawn Store Hcp (58);
Bigbetterbest 2nd New Era Technology Mdn Hcp;
Five Oxford 3rd Moore Trailers (Bm75);
Kamarcher 3rd Higgins Coatings Hcp (C1);
Our Golden Cherub 2nd (Bm60);
Our Stormy Girl 2nd (Bm60);
Parkburn 2nd Open Hcp;
Royo 3rd CNW John Webb Plate (C6);
Sandgate Road 3rd Pryde's Easifeed Hcp (C1);
Shotgun Sixtyfour 2nd Novus Industries Mdn Hcp; XXXX Gold Mdn Hcp;
Snakeskin 3rd Red Poppy Mdn Plate; TAB Faster Vision Mdn Plate; Stitch N Wear Embroidery Mdn ;
Sonic Arrow 2nd Jean Caldwell Memorial Hcp (58);
Sukiche 2nd Barrier Reef Pools (Bm60); 3rd Great Northern Hcp (58);
Trumps In 3rd Trophy Hcp;