Results for 2024 Season

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Little Mix 2 wins1st Ladbrokes Odds Surge (Bm80); Good Friday Appeal Trophy (Bm80); 2nd Christmas Cup LR; Sportsbet Mornington Cup LR; 3rd Ranvet (Bm72); Bankstown Sports (Bm78);
Don't Stop 1 win1st Great Northern Hcp; 3rd Tattersall's Recognition Stakes LR; Spring Carnival On Sale Now Hcp;
Dollop 3 wins1st (Bm65); Open Hcp; Sub-Zero Airconditioning (Bm70); 2nd Open Plate;
Winston Smurfhill 3 wins1st Jim Beam Black (Bm65); Country Music Raceday 9 September Hcp (C5); Nova 106.9 (Bm78); 2nd Girls Day Out On Sale Now (Bm70);
Apache Belle 2 wins1st Kings Engineering (Bm64); TAB Cessnock Cup; 3rd Lees Racing (Bm64); Ranvet (Bm72); Midway (Bm72);
Our Frankie 2 wins1st Steel Guards Pty Ltd Mdn Plate; Vale Colleen Parsons MTC Life Member Hcp (C1); 3rd Noble Realty Mdn Plate; CLAAS Harvest Centre Wagga Wagga Plate (C1);
Pivotal Force 2 wins1st Irongate Australia Hcp (58); Langhorne Creek Wine Region Vignerons Cup (Bm72); 2nd Coopers New Australian Lager (Bm64); 3rd Luke Jameson Memorial (Rs0mw);
Sock'emsid 2 wins1st Dinner @ The Grand (Bm60); Rock Trade Industries Hcp (58); 2nd Stanley River Thoroughbreds (Bm58); 3rd RDO Equipment Kuhn Hcp (58); Dick Ferling Memorial (Bm58);
Darlhisma 1 win1st Dalby Credit Union Plough Inn Cup Mdn Plate; 2nd Hcp (Cl B); 3rd Redmonds Pet & Livestock Supplies Mdn Hcp;
Drop The Pilot 1 win1st O&D House Wash (Bm60); 2nd Sue Edwards Elders Real Estate (Bm60); Highfields Builder Pty Ltd (Bm62); 3rd Remembering Mark Flint Hcp (C4); Semloh Support Services (Bm70);
Guts 'N' Glory 1 win1st The V.J. Butler Memorial (Bm70); 2nd Roofing Craftsmen (Bm66); 3rd Livewired Electrical (Bm65);
Louvre Lil 1 win1st Club Warwick RSL (Bm60);
Mahbaby 1 win1st XXXX Country Stampede Final (Rs0mw); 2nd Sky Racing (Bm85); 3rd Qlty; Ladbrokes Odds Surge Plate (C6);
Ruby's Lad 1 win1st Rocky's Tree Service / Dalby Rural Supplies (Bm60); 3rd Wholesale Horsewear House (Bm70);
Brief Sojourn 2nd #mentalhealthawareness Hcp (58);
Courting Sara 2nd Bugeja Earthmoving (Bm55);
Instant Karma 2nd Ladbrokes (Bm60);
Linthorpe Lad 3rd Cascade (Bm90); Drinkwise (Bm90); Road To Magic Millions On Sale Now (Bm90);
Mandalay Blonde 2nd (Bm50);
No Going Back 2nd Trevor Manteufel @ RE/MAX Success Sells Everywhere (Bm70); This Is Croser (Bm70); Semloh Support Services (Bm70); 3rd BRC Membership Plus (Bm70);
Southern Swing 3rd Cairns Cup Tickets On Sale Now Hcp;
White Chocolate 2nd Steggles (Bm45); 3rd (Bm50); (Bm55);