Results for 2023 Season

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Red Wave 3 wins1st Madison Cleaning Services-Bm78; Mount Franklin (Bm75); Jim Roberts 35 Yrs Of Serv.-C6; 2nd Tab Race Callers Cup (Bm75); 3rd Tab Toowoomba Cup; Robbie Fradd Hcp;
American Red 2 wins1st Focus Hr (Bm62); Pryde's Easifeed (Bm70); 2nd Tab (Bm60); 3rd Redding Fry Finan. Advice (C3); Sirromet (Bm70); Workers United (Bm65); Enterprise Legal Hcp (C3);
Bridget's Diary 2 wins1st Rst Trophy (4); Rst Trophy (4); 2nd Rst Trophy (6); Rst Trophy (6);
Mr Dudwey 2 wins1st Mooloolaba Surf Club 100yrs-58; Ladbrokes Punter Assist (Bm68); 2nd Bmw 2 Series Coupé (Bm65); Kendrick Racing (Bm65);
Terrius 2 wins1st Thank You Volunteers (Bm58); Oakey Beef Exports (Bm65); 2nd Tab Hcp (C5); Sheppard Earthmoving (Bm60); Lockyer Lightning June 24-Bm62; 3rd Lantrak Resource Mgmt (Bm65);
Cabsav 1 win1st Thankyou Bernie Quinn Oam-Bm58; 2nd Kingsley Lawson Lawyers (C4); 3rd Brushgrove Htl Brushgrove Cup; Club Tweed (Bm66);
Eleuthera 1 win1st Merry Christmas From Itc-Bm65; 2nd Ladbrokes Punter Assist (Bm68); 3rd Mount Franklin (Rs0mw);
Montana Lady 1 win1st Moco Food Services (Bm62); 2nd Strathayr Hcp (C1); 3rd Holistic Community Care (Bm62);
Most Dazzling 1 win1st Thank You Ttc Members (Bm70);
Another Dazzler 3rd Travis Schultz & Partners Mdn;
Ask Me Tomorrow 2nd Hcp (C4); Hillery Group Bowen Cup (Bm65); 3rd Cranbrook Medical (Bm60);
Cerared 2nd Coastline Bmw X1 Hcp;
Dazzling Flash 2nd Brothers Jrl Volunteer Hcp-C2; Tab Venue Mode (Bm60); Gatton View Hotel (Bm62); 3rd Attwood Marshall Lawyers (C3); Ipswich Trades Hall Hcp (C2); Energetic Lighting Plate (C2);
Red Bloom 2nd Hampers To Go Hcp; 3rd Mount Franklin (Bm75); Go Gecko Property Mgmt (Bm80);
Red Flash 2nd Smart State Rentals Mdn Plate; 3rd Rocky Sports Club Mdn Plate;
Red Shiraz 2nd Silk Laser Clinics T'wba Mdn; Mdn Plate; 3rd Mdn Plate;
Sharp Dazzler 2nd Mekkafest 19 August Mdn Plate; 3rd Murphy Homes Mdn Plate; Liebke Builders Hcp (C1); Pfd Foodservices Mdn Hcp;