Results for 2024 Season

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Fangirl 3 wins1st Winx Stakes Gr1; King Charles III Stakes Gr1; Petaluma Apollo Stakes Gr2; 2nd TAB Verry Elleegant Stakes Gr1; 3rd 7 Stakes;
Beauty Joy 1 win1st HKJC The Chairman's Trophy Gr2; 2nd HKJC The BOCHK Private Wealth Jockey Club Mile Gr2; 3rd HKJC The Stewards' Cup Gr1; HKJC Chinese Club Challenge Cup Gr3;
Tashi 3 wins1st Best Of Bordeaux @ Coolmore (Bm72); Expect It All This Autumn At ATC (Bm78); James Squire (Bm88); 2nd Tab Birthday Card Stakes Gr3; Tab (Bm72); Kia Ora Stud (Bm88);
Django Express 3 wins1st Bryan (Popeye) & Lorraine Harbridge Memorial (Bm56); DAB Pumps (Rs0ly); MGA Insurance Port Lincoln (Bm74); 2nd Avis Port Lincoln (Bm74); 3rd (Bm60); Ceduna Cup (Bm70);
Flower In The Wind 3 wins1st Annual Discover Racing For Ladies Event At Ascot (Bm66+); BOS Civil (Rs1mw); Mrs Mac's (Bm66+); 2nd Bisley Workwear (Rs1mw); Mgib (Bm66+); 3rd Geisel Park - Best Ever Draft (Bm66+);
Hide Your Heart 3 wins1st Victor Ludorum at Darley (Bm58); Bradford Hotel (Bm68); Bivouac First Yearlings (Bm72);
Simply Maverick 3 wins1st HKJC Germany Hcp (C4); HKJC Kingston Hcp (C4); HKJC O'Brien Hcp (C3); 2nd HKJC TVB Miss Hong Kong Pageant Hcp (C3); HKJC Kalanchoe Hcp (C3); 3rd HKJC Uranus Hcp (C4);
Bliss 2 wins1st Hutcheon & Pearce Super Mdn Plate; Hamilton Island Hcp (C1);
Brave Boy 2 wins1st JTW Cleaning & Maintenance Service (C2); Newlands Group Hcp (58); 3rd Tooheys New Tygalgah Cup;
Bring Me Flowers 2 wins1st Don River Hcp (65); Book Event Centre For Functions (Bm70); 2nd Aquis Belle Of The Burdekin (Bm70);
Canny Boy 2 wins1st Hcp (Cl B); (Bm55);
Discreet Miss 2 wins1st Turfco Eddie Latta Memorial Hcp (C1); Brian Hayward Electrical Belle Of The South (Bm66); 3rd TAB Highway Hcp (C3);
Fiery Ring 2 wins1st RDO Equipment CP770 Cotton Picker Mdn Plate; Gerry Brown's Tyre Accessories Hcp (58); 2nd Barrier Reef Pools Hcp (C2);
I Love Your Smile 2 wins1st Furphy Hcp (C3); Lexus of Perth (Bm62+);
Rule Of Time 2 wins1st Foott Waste Solutions Mdn Plate; Bentley Group Hcp (64); 2nd Harry Coffey Swan Hill Jockey of the Year 22/23 (Bm64);
Sebring Girl 2 wins1st Margot McKinney Well Groomed Plate (C3); Lest We Forget (Bm70); 2nd Mount Franklin (Bm75);
Side Hustle 2 wins1st Hcp (60); (Bm65); 2nd Hcp (C4);
Smooth Torque 2 wins1st Xxxx Gold (Bm62); Sky Racing Hcp (C3); 3rd Dirty Work 1st Yearling On Offer @Widden (Bm65);
Superb Kid 2 wins1st HKJC The Po Leung Kuk Cup (C4); HKJC Shaw Alumni Hcp (C3); 2nd HKJC Kut Cheong Hcp (C3);
Affectionate 1 win1st Stewarts Seafoods Mdn Hcp;
Ahso 1 win1st Yumbah Mussels (Bm60); 2nd G'day Australia Samm Lamb (Bm80); 3rd Wayback Cricket Club (Bm68); Become a Port Lincoln Member (Bm68); Mark Lobert Gallery Hcp (C2); Avis Port Lincoln (Bm74);
Ain't He Grand 1 win1st Doreen Bird Hcp (C1); 2nd Mount Franklin (Bm72); 3rd The TAB Wave; Stradbroke Season On Sale Now Hcp (C3);
Beauty Bound 1 win1st The Riv Bistro Mdn Plate; 2nd Dragons Merchandise Photo Finish Mdn Hcp;
Billy Ray 1 win1st Happy Birthday Geoff Magor (Bm72+); 2nd TABtouch - Have You Got The Touch (Bm78+); Lexus of Perth (Bm72+);
Bring A Dame 1 win1st ATM Here (Bm58); 2nd Adams Kenneally White Pty Ltd (Bm66); 3rd Win Network - Heat Of The Wagga Stayers Series (Bm66);
Cardigan Queen 1 win1st Pancare Recycal Plate;
Caring Lass 1 win1st Farewell Raider 284 Jarrod Croker Hcp (C3); 2nd Bishop Collins Chartered Accountants (Bm64); 3rd Tab We'Re On (Bm65);
Cat Empire 1 win1st Hygain Mdn Plate;
Condrieu 1 win1st Allied The Careful Movers Plate (C1); 2nd All Too Hard @ Vinery Stud (Bm64); 3rd Australian Bloodstock Plate (C1); Kermadec @ Darley (Bm72);
Crossfire Road 1 win1st Magic Millions Queen Of The Valley Matchmaker (Bm66);
Dancarina 1 win1st NZ Magness Mighty Steam Train (Bm75);
Daytona Gal 1 win1st The Club Hotel Chinchilla Mdn Plate; 2nd Ontrak Group Provincial Mdn Hcp; 3rd Condamine Medical Centre Mdn Hcp;
Dragon Pride 1 win1st HKJC Bowrington Hcp (C5);
Echo Point 1 win1st Qlty Hcp;
Euphoric 1 win1st The Sporting Globe After The Last (Bm78); 2nd Melbourne Cup Carnival Country Final (Bm80);
Fiasco Tess 1 win1st Martin Collins (Bm70); 2nd Ladbrokes Odds Surge (Bm70); Bet365 (Bm64); 3rd Martin Collins Synthetic Series Final (Bm78); Mercedes Benz Mornington (Bm70); Evergreen Turf (Bm70);
First Platoon 1 win1st DLG Aluminium & Glazing Mdn Hcp; 2nd Riverina Bluebell Mdn Hcp; 3rd Hutchinson Civil Mdn Hcp;
Fly Lie 1 win1st DeAraugo & Lea Electrical (Bm64); 3rd (Bm64);
Global Awareness 1 win1st PST Power Solutions (Bm60); 2nd Campbell Town Hotel Motel (Bm68);
Golden Passport 1 win1st Power FM Mdn Plate; 2nd ODA Advisory Hcp (C1); Kiama Leagues Club Plate (C1); Exceedance @ Vinery Stud (Bm72); 3rd Bedrock Quarry Products & Bulk Transport (Bm64);
Gulf Of Odessa 1 win1st Nambucca Bowling Club Mdn Plate;
Houston Rocket 1 win1st Tab (Bm60); 2nd Caloundra RSL Hcp (C3);
Huntly Castle 1 win1st Ecycle Solutions Mdn Hrdl;
Hyderabad 1 win1st Mdn Plate;
Iron Grace 1 win1st Thanks BRC Members Hcp (C1); 3rd Sky Racing (Bm70); Makers Mark Hcp (C3);
Israelite Bay 1 win1st XXXX Gold Hcp (C1);
King Of Hearts 1 win1st Kirk's Bridge Farm Hcp (C2); 3rd Supernova Financial (Bm64); Douglass Blinds & Security Screens (Bm58);
Laguna Seca 1 win1st Bega Landscape Supplies Mdn Plate; 2nd Champion Thoroughbreds Mdn Plate; 3rd Moruya Waterfront Hotel Motel Mdn Plate; MorMors Merimbula Mdn Hcp;
Midnight Glow 1 win1st Hygain Winners Choice (Bm64); 2nd Frank O'Brien (Bm64); Sportsbet Same Race Multi (Bm64); The EDSA Group Valley Summer Middle Distance Series Heat 5 (Bm70);
Navalha 1 win1st NZ CJC Stallion Tender Open Now (Bm75);
Nordic Combined 1 win1st HKJC Chaozhou Hcp (C5); 2nd HKJC Lukfook Jewellery Hexicon Hcp (C5);
Olakau'atu 1 win1st Nolan Partners (Bm66); 2nd Vale Stewart Meredith (Bm74); Bruce Hopkins Memorial (Bm82);
Overlord 1 win1st TAB Highway (C3);
Pretty Little Lass 1 win1st TAB (Bm58); 3rd LSE Constructions (Bm65);
Red Cobra 1 win1st Freemasons On The Central Coast Mdn Hcp; 2nd Schneider Super Mdn Plate; Living Turf Mdn Hcp; Mdn Hcp; 3rd Reward Homes Hcp (C1);
Reignite 1 win1st Singapore Hcp (C4); 3rd Singapore Hcp (C4); Singapore Hcp (C3);
Rephrase 1 win1st Airlie Summit Mdn Plate; 2nd BRC Ascot Sunsets Series Hcp (C1);
Ring Ahoy 1 win1st Kia (Bm64); 2nd James Squire (Bm72); Hyland Race Colours (Bm72); The Agency Real Estate (Bm64); 3rd Planet Plumbing (Bm72); The Agency Real Estate (Bm72);
Rose Of Sebring 1 win1st Kelly Memorial sponsored by Kellys AGnVET (Bm52);
Sea Ripple 1 win1st Century Pools (Bm65);
Seb Song 1 win1st MRC Foundation Caulfield (Bm70); 2nd Maureen Salter (Bm70); Bottlemart Moe Mile (Bm78);
Sebring's Rose 1 win1st Adelaide Hills Farm Services Hcp (54); 3rd Adelaide Hills Farm Services (Bm56);
Secaution 1 win1st Microphone @ Darley (Bm72);
Selvam 1 win1st New Era Technology Mdn Hcp; 2nd Allweld Services Mdn Hcp; 3rd Lees Racing Country Mdn Plate; Aquawest Showcase Mdn Hcp;
Sempreinte 1 win1st Rock Trade Industries (Bm65); 2nd Ladbrokes (Bm65); 3rd Ensbey Electrical (Bm60);
Silent Raindrops 1 win1st Spring Loaded @ TEG 10 Feb (Bm64); 2nd Kia Ora Prague (Bm64); 3rd Troppo @ TEG 18 Nov (Bm64); Bivouac First Yearlings (Bm72);
Sky Hero 1 win1st Ladbrokes Odds Surge (Bm64);
Spring Valley 1 win1st Ladbrokes Communities Hcp (C1); 2nd Ray White Biloela (Bm45);
Star Express 1 win1st Singapore Hcp (C5); 2nd Singapore Hcp (C5); Singapore Hcp (C5); 3rd Singapore Hcp (C4); Singapore Hcp (C5);
Starianne 1 win1st North Pier Hotel (Bm78); 3rd New Year Plate (Bm70);
Tea Leaves 1 win1st Follow @ipswichturfclub Hcp (C3);
The Boomerang 1 win1st Batemans Bay Soldiers Club (Bm58); 2nd (Bm50);
The Devil In Her 1 win1st Sportsbet Same Race Multi (Bm64); 3rd Thoroughbred Club Australia (Bm70);
The Seeker 1 win1st TAB Mdn Plate;
Torbreck 1 win1st Open Hcp; 2nd TAB Birdsville Cup; Qlty Hcp;
Twelve Hours 1 win1st WIN News Canberra Mdn Hcp; 3rd Doyles Seafood Restaurant Hcp (C1);
Tyson's Dream 1 win1st Concrete Industry Supplies (Bm58); 3rd McDonald's Tamworth (Bm58); Kia Ora Stallions (Bm58);
Winston Blue 1 win1st R & J Batteries Hcp (58); 2nd UQ Equine Science Hcp (58); NQ Bulk Storage & Logistics (Bm62);
Zelring 1 win1st 'Date Night' - 1690 - Fri 29 Sept Hcp; 3rd Cummins X15 Hcp (64); Beach Christmas Party, Dec 1 (Bm64);
Amati 2nd Inglis Classic Yearling Sale 11-13 Feb (Bm78); 3rd Best Of Bordeaux @ Coolmore (Bm72);
Arya Pakuan 2nd Singapore Hcp (C5);
Badge 2nd Trpy Hcp;
Bamboozled 3rd Clocky Fridays Super Mdn Hcp;
Banana Slide 3rd Ladbrokes Live Betting Plate (C2);
Barrichello 2nd Open Hcp;
Barron 3rd Hygain Winners Choice Mdn; Cherry Sports Group Mdn Plate;
Brooklyn Dash 2nd Wimmers Premium Soft Drinks Mdn Plate;
City Gold Telecom 2nd Singapore Hcp (C4); Singapore Tiger Roar 2021 Stakes Hcp (C5);
Club Town 3rd Pirtek Orange & Dubbo (Bm58);
Daytona 2nd Season Greetings From BRC Plate (C3); 3rd Queensland Unions (Bm68);
Dolce Bella 2nd Markey Saddlery Mdn; 3rd Ferndale Distributors Country Boosted Mdn Hcp;
Echo Sunshine 2nd Tomsy's Timbers Athol Connor Remembrance Hcp (C1); Charcoal Inn & Bottleshop (Bm50);
Emathion 2nd Gary Riches Builders (Bm58);
Florida Dream 2nd Living Legends 4CYTE (Bm78); 3rd bet365 Sheep Hills Cup (Bm78);
Fun Sunday 2nd Petaluma (Bm78);
Geetee Forty 2nd NZ Arawa Park Hotel Mdn;
Golden Eclipse 2nd (Bm50); (Bm50); 3rd The Loaded Dog (Bm58); Terry Bros Carpet Court (Bm50);
How Do You Sleep 2nd Hcp (C1);
Inner Sanctum 2nd Mdn Plate; Elders Insurance Mdn Plate; Mdn Plate; 3rd Syngenta Mdn Plate;
Insurgence 2nd bet365 Hcp (58); 3rd (Bm58);
Jackson On Time 2nd Kobayashi At Aquis Stallions Hcp (C1);
Jupitus 3rd Ladbrokes Racing Club (Bm75);
Katering 3rd Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers (Bm58);
La Bella Diva 3rd Cam Vines and Brad Petrie Mdn Hcp; TAB Mdn Plate; Kennards Hire Mdn Plate;
La Sarthe 3rd Mdn Plate;
Luisana 2nd Ulverstone Waterfront Apartments Plate (C1); TAB We're On Mdn Plate;
Majestical 2nd Alice Springs Toyota Hcp (C2);
Majestics Request 2nd Hygain (Bm65); 3rd Sheldon Fogarty Memorial Hcp (C4); Book Event Centre For Functions (Bm70);
Maple Door 3rd #mentalhealthawareness Hcp (58);
Mon Amore 3rd New Zealand Bloodstock (Bm64);
Nippa's Nightcap 2nd Girls Day Out 2 March (Bm65); 3rd Sky Racing (Bm65);
Old Song 3rd Jet Plumbing & Gas Hcp (C1); Become A BRC Member Hcp (C3);
PERFECT PEACH 2nd HKJC New Asia Alumni Hcp (C5);
Petunia 3rd Martin Collins Australia Hcp (C6);
Pistachio 3rd Hcp (C2);
Platinum Rose 2nd Mdn Plate;
Prince Of Plenty 2nd Great Northern Mdn Plate;
Prince Of Sepang 2nd Magic Millions Gold Coast Super Mdn Hcp;
Red Beryl 2nd Sinclair Racing Gwydir Hcp;
Rock 'n' Sol 3rd Burdekin Vet Services Ben Bolt Cup (Bm65);
Sebrenco 2nd Ranvet (Bm72); 3rd Precise Air (Bm72); The Agency Real Estate (Bm72);
Sesar 2nd Adelaide Plains Bloodstock (Bm56); 3rd Edi Tree & Garden (Bm64); Sportsbet Bet With Mates (Bm58); The Gallipoli Memorial Trophy (Bm56);
Shinseki 3rd Avis Port Lincoln (Bm66); The Marina Hotel (Bm64);
Simple Hedge 2nd HKJC Tin Shui Wai Hcp (C3); HKJC Daffodil Hcp (C3); HKJC Somerset Hcp (C3); 3rd HKJC Pak Tin Hcp (C3);
Speak Up 3rd Precise Air (Bm78);
Spring's Gift 2nd Bowen Turf Club Mdn Plate; Memberships On Sale Now Mdn Hcp; WRC Tickets On Sale Soon Mdn Plate;
Sunny Sewell 2nd Mdn Plate;
Three Graces 2nd Mdn Hcp;
Twin Turbo 3rd Thomas Painting (Bm64); Aspect Landscape Construction & Tuggeranong Bushrangers Plate (C1);
Warby Ranges 3rd Welcome To Sportsbet Sandown Mdn Plate;
Wegobam 3rd Gallopers Sports Club (Bm78);
Zizette 2nd Huxley Hill (Bm64); 3rd Griffin Air Conditioning Hcp (C1);