Australian Foal Numbers on the Rise
Media Release - Thursday May 17
Figures from the Keeper of the Australian Stud Book, Jacqueline Stewart, reveal the number of broodmares covered in the 2017 season surpassed those in 2016 and will result in an increase of foals born in 2018.

Chair of Racing Australia, Frances Nelson QC, released the figures during an address to the Asian Racing Conference in Seoul on Thursday (17 May).

"This will be the first recorded increase in the foal crop since 2008 and is another sign of the strength of the Australian Thoroughbred industry," Ms Nelson said.

"These figures are a tribute to the resilience and continuing investment of Australian breeders which is benefitting the whole of the Thoroughbred industry."

"Increases in prize money across our major racing jurisdictions and the operation of breeders' bonus schemes have given breeders confidence to maintain Australia's reputation as a world leader in Thoroughbred breeding," Ms Nelson said.

Given the final estimate of 19,996 coverings for the 2017 season, Ms Stewart has calculated the 2018 foal crop at 14,197 which represents an increase of 2.6% on the 2016 foal crop.

The key statistics as at 1 May 2018 were:

"This means the 2017 and 2018 foal crops will increase for the first time since Australia's 2007/08 Equine Influenza outbreak saw number of covers and foals reduce," Ms Stewart said.

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